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More Character Redesigns

Here are some design changes from secondary characters. Left is new.



Not much has been revealed about Amanda; she was very ambiguous in the one dream sequence she appeared in. Even so, you can tell what role she will have in the story just based on her design and demeanor.

The Kounts

In the original script for Kountdown, they were meant to just be generic store robbers. I had made them robotic-looking with identical models to save time. This time around, them being "Kounts" and having a robotic look is actually tied into the lore. They have much more personality as a group now, too. In Kountdown's Beta version, Ichi (blue stripe) was the leader of a mostly silent team. Now, Penta (red eyes) is the leader of the group. Tesser (4) and Tritur (3) are proving to be a really fun duo to write. One is done with life in all its capacity, and the other is overjoyed and hyperactive. Ichi and Dos are a duo now, too. They speak kind of as one unit and are the most subservient to Penta.

Salina (ft. Pop and RPG)

She hasn't appeared a whole lot, but you can see her new design is pretty different. I guess I should talk about her as a character. Well, she's the granddaughter of Sally, the woman who actually owns the Sunny Sally's restaurant. Very unfamiliar with The Changers' adventures, and by extension, the world of heroes. She does her best to learn, though. She's a partygoer with a somewhat clumsy personality.


"A driven technopath with an abrasive nature" is basically all I've publicly said about Tsuki so far. The mystery surrounding his character will unfold in due time. Until then, you'll just have to wait until he actually makes an appearance. As you can see, his face was completely remodeled into something more slim and angular.

Haruki Hagane and Iyawa Itoro

I'll probably make a completely separate post going into the Metal Faces gang in detail, but here are two characters who've evolved substantially since their first model sheets.

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