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Character Redesigns

Quite a few characters have been getting redesigns and model sheet updates, so I thought I'd start by showing the Core Four first. Like usual, the first images are the newest.



A lot of people think he's the leader, but I just like to put him first all the time for consistency's sake. As you can see, he had an alter ego named Hydroflow. The whole story that was originally planned back then is a little different now, so I omitted Hydro from the later sheets. His overall facial features became more square over time.


Her hair became brown; I thought it fit much better with her color scheme. She has hands, they're just obscured by her sleeves. Red the Panda is the little friend on her hoodie. Did you know that he changes facial expressions depending on if Jay is using her powers? And another thing: Jay's pockets are full of spray paint cans.


I always thought I drew his arms a little too short. Anyway, not much has fundamentally changed about his design. I think it just looks much better because of my art style's evolution. Cheyne, Jay and Zaire have had streaks in their hair as early as middle school. Zaire went through sort of a visual "makeover" after The Changers was formed. You'll see what he used to look like in due time.


Like with Zaire, not much of the fundamental design has changed between these two sheets. I did slightly adjust everyone's colors, though. I think their palates in the new versions are much more vibrant. I also used to draw noses a little too "defined"? I don't know, they just looked super big and blocky. The thick line weight didn't help. Did you know that the emblem on her suit's chest is a standard issue Xlandrian military badge?

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