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Xonerate Destiny's Redraw

Xonerate Destiny (BETA) was the first chapter canonically and the second in release order (fourth if you consider Kountdown (BETA)'s parts to be their own chapters).

Out of all the chapters I'm redrawing, X.Destiny will have the most content added to it in comparison to the original one. Things that were briefly mentioned through text before will be explicitly shown and expanded upon now. You'll get to see a lot more of Planet X and those who inhabit it, along with various locations that will become series staple. The Temple of Totheos is something I've talked about ad nauseum on Discord, so I'm glad to finally reveal it in canon.

Xonerate Destiny actually takes place well over a year before the current events of Kountdown, so naturally our main characters will look a bit different. Anyway, here are some concept images, model sheets and background art for Xonerate Destiny's new and improved version.


Chapter Logo.

Core Four. For long time fans, these designs are basically modernized versions of those from the old Pilot from 2017-2019.

Xlandrian characters.

Xonerate Effect Guide.

Ivy and Silvershade.

Xlandrian City Life.


Xlandrian Sacred Temples.

Totheos, the Archedaranean Supreme Courtroom. Doubles as "basically Hell", used to be a race track.

A very primitive outline of the chapter's key art.

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